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We’re often asked when people book onto a Tour if we can recommend any books to read. The short answer is “yes”!  There are masses of books from novels to heavy weight academic tomes. Below is a selection of some you might find interesting - but don’t be put off, it is not necessary to read up before your Tour as Steve will be informing and guiding you throughout your stay.  We will be adding Steve’s comments         

as soon as possible

Before the Dawn, Nicholas Wade Catching Fire, how cooking made us home, Richard Wrangham, Wrangham Cave Art, Jean Clottes Cave Art, A guide, decorated caves, decorated Ice Age Caves, Europe Cro-Magnon, Brian Fagan 40,000 Years of Cave Art, Henri Beuil Images of the Ice Age, Paul Bahn, Paul G Bahn, Jean Vertut Shamans of Prehistory, Jean Clottes, David Lewis-Williams Prehistoric Art, Randall White Secrets of the Ice Age, Evan Hadingham, Hadingham, The Cave Painters, Gregory Curtis The Cavesof Perigord, Martin Walker, Walker The Mind in the Cave, David Lewis-Williams, Lewis-Williams The Roots of Civilization, Alexander Marshack, Marshack Shelters of Stone, Jeal Auel, Earth Children, Earth Children's series, Hodder & Stoughton Megan Baehr, Vezere Valley Venture

Vezere Valley Venture

Megan Baehr 2009

World Prehistory, Graham Clark

World Prehistory

Graham Clark, 1961

publ. Cambridge University Press

Cave Art: A guide to the Decorated Ice Age Caves of Europe

Paul Bahn 2007

publ. Frances Lincoln


Reindeer Moon, Elizbeth Marshall Thomas, Marshall Thomas

The Cave Painters

Gregory Curtis, 2006

publ. Alfred Knopf

The Caves of Perigord

Martin Walker, 2002

publ. Simon & Schuster

Secrets of the Ice Age

Evan Hadingham, 1980

publ. Book Club Associates

Reindeer Moon

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas


Publ. Collins

Catching Fire - how cooking made us human

Richard Wrangham, 2010

Publ. Profile  

Cave Art

Jean Clottes, 2010

 publ. Phaidon


Brian Fagan

40,000 Years of Cave Art

Henri Breuil, 1950

publ. unknown

Images of the Ice Age

Paul G. Bahn & Jean Vertut, 1989


The Shamans of Prehistory Jean Clottes & David Lewis-Williams,

1998 Abrams, New York

Prehistoric Art

Randall White

Publ. Abrams, New York

The Mind in the Cave

David Lewis-Williams, 2002 publ. Thames & Hudson

The Roots of Civilization Alexander Marshack

1972, 2nd ed.

 Publ. Moyer-Bell, New York

The Shelters of Stone

Earth Children’s series

Jean Auel, 2002

publ. Hodder & Stoughton

Before the Dawn

Nicholas Wade

Steve V, who has been on two Tours with us, recommended this book to us:  The Last Lost World by Lydia V. Pyne & Stephen J Pyne. Steve (Burman!) is in the process of reading it - so watch this space for his review.

Meanwhile, if you want to review this or any of the books on this page, or tell us about books you recommend or have enjoyed,

we’d love to hear from you.

Last Lost World, Lydia V Pyne, Stephen J Pyne, Pyne,

The Land of Painted Caves

Earth Children’s series

Jean Auel, 2010

publ. Hodder & Stoughton