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Lascaux 4 : Font de Gaume: Rouffignac : Castelnaud:

Dordogne, France

Why not book Steve for your own Guided Archaeology Day Tour? You’ll find out so much more about the caves, castles and cave art with Steve as your guide/interpreter. Whether it is Lascaux 4, Font de Gaume or Commarque you want to visit or some of the lesser known sites, Steve will help you see the ‘bigger picture.

Lots of people come and stay in this fascinating area and

leave having missed so much!  Why?  Because often guides’ commentaries are in French or are difficult to follow. Or

because you have no-one to ask those question that you always think of after a visit! With Steve Burman as your personal Guide and Interpreter for a day - or longer - you’ll get so much more out of your time here.

“Until I went to the Museum with Steve, it just didn’t make any sense to me!”

Days are arranged to suit your interests, but here’s some ideas:

Tell us your interests, when and how many days you would like to spend with Steve and we’ll come up with ideas for you.

The cost is very reasonable too.

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caves.... hidden away churches...... Steve will introduce you to Guided Cave Art & Castles Archaeology Day Tours Lascaux II,Font de Gaume, Commarque, Dordogne,France Guided Cave Art & Castles Archaeology Day Tours Lascaux II,Font de Gaume, Commarque, Dordogne,France Guided Cave Art & Castles Archaeology Day Tours Lascaux II,Font de Gaume, Commarque, Dordogne,France Guided Cave Art & Castles Archaeology Day Tours Lascaux II,Font de Gaume, Commarque, Dordogne,France Guided Cave Art & Castles Archaeology Day Tours Lascaux II,Font de Gaume, Commarque, Dordogne,France or take you on an evening exploration!

 streets & buildings.....

“Steve, your guiding was most informative, it provided a very useful insight to the area, both past and present”

10th April 2011

Dear Steve & Judie

We arrived back home Friday afternoon after staying the night with Sylvie in Chartres. What a wonderful  place and her home was a delightful little gem. Thank you.

Now that we have had time to reflect - our time with you in the Dordogne will remain the most fab of experiences!

We asked you to put together a 3 day tour of  Palaeolithic Art in the Perigord  - and you exceeded our expectations one hundred fold!

Thank you for being so generous and sharing your home, your knowledge and your local acquaintances.

We marvelled at the spectacular paintings as at Lascaux 2 and Font-de-Gaume, the engravings as at Les Combarelles and the low-relief sculptures as at Le Cap Blanc.

We hope you have a great season and look forward to visiting again in the future.

Kind regards



25 August 2010

Just arrived back in Australia,  We had a fantastic Day with Steve and we have talked about it all over the world and have some treasured memories of a great day.


Many thanks

June and Paul

May 2009

“The morning went so quickly, it was fascinating!”


May 2011

(Following a visit to the National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies)

A belated thank you to both of you for such an enjoyable and enlightening day on Tuesday. Much as I was tempted to swim, the mystical draw of Lascaux proved too strong, and I was so glad that I made the visit again - what a truly extraordinary place it is.

The visit to Castel Merle was fascinating - and what a wonderfully enthusiastic communicator Isabelle is - it's always so good to listen to someone who is passionate about what they do.  I learnt a great deal, and am only sorry that I had to shoot off before seeing the jewellery - but I will return to Sergeac and see the museum another time, now armed with knowledge. 

So thank you Steve for bringing it all to life and your organisation, and, Judie, thank you for a super lunch - you obviously went to a lot of trouble for us and it was all delicious. 

Belinda, St. Chamassy, France February 2010

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Hi Judie and Steve

We're back and getting adjusted to the time change again. Yes we had an excellent time, and the "time traveling" with Steve was one of the high points.

Also, I will send you a link to some photographs. Please feel free to use them on your site or marketing materials. My only request would be that you include credit as "Photo: Roger G" or "Photo: Roger Gilbertson" as suits your needs.

Finally, here is a brief letter of recommendation. Please feel free to edit, excerpt and use as you see fit.

Best regard,

Roger G & family


July 2011

Roger sent us some great photos - including this one. As well as being your guide and interpreter, Steve also makes sure that refreshment breaks are provided - essential to ensure a good time is had by all, as Roger’s son, Amos, demonstrates!  Thank you Roger - and Amos!                                     Steve & Judie

Many thanks to Steve for giving such clear explanations and for making he various time frames really live. It was interesting for me to connect the dots, as it were, from my studies on the archeology of prehistory; it has fascinated me since I was a little kid. Some of things things he said confirmed what I’ve read and some challenged what I think of as the standard explanations - that’s what I was looking for - the latest thought and new views.                                                                                          Lynne, September 2011

and Bastide towns