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Dordogne, France

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The Caves & Castles Artists’ Gallery

Since this area is famous for its prehistoric art, it’s especially good when artists young and not-so-young leave us their handiwork, amateur or professional.   A special thank you to you all.                  

We also appreciate  receiving cartoons that make you smile - see the example from Jean below.  We’d be happy to receive pictures from you to include in our gallery.                  

Steve & Judie

Leo, April 2011

Zoe, April 2011

Jean kindly sent us this cartoon she saw in the New Yorker! Sept. 2010


Sept 2009.

Link to

Vezere Valley Venture

Megan’s graphic journal of her visit.

Michael, October 2010

Suzanne, September 2011

It’s hard to reproduce some of the fainter images, but we do appreciate the work that went into them and wanted to share them. Perhaps they will inspire others when they come to the Vezere Valley!

Caption: I’ve considered portraiture but everyone’s so ugly.